Foil Me is the Official and Exclusive Foil Sponsor for Colour Wolrd 2021

We are pleased to announce Foil Me as the Official and Exclusive Foil Sponsor for Colour Wolrd 2021 this June.

More than 50 of the best UK colourists, 2 days of EDUCATION, INSPIRATION and INNOVATION in all things colour…THIS IS UNMISSABLE Colour World TV.

Foil Me…where more is what you deserve.

Foil Me is a brand synonymous with creation, innovation, appreciation and integration. Their salon essentials have been, and always will be, designed for you, the conscious artist. Each collection is recyclable and unique offering a myriad of sizes, alloy composition, colours, and hand-drawn designs to ensure you, the savvy colourist, has premium and exquisite hair tools that you deserve. Providing opportunities for the Foil Me lovers to generate a universal smile where education and giving back to the world is what they thrive on.

The lovely Colour World event will be streaming on TV – they will be broadcasting shows, demos, conversations and interviews from our London warehouse venue. Viewers will have 5 channels to jump between and see hours of glorious colour footage. We record and broadcast over 3 days at the end of June.

You’ll see more than 17 brands including a chance to find out more about Foil Me.

Want to be part of the Colour World audience on 26th to 27th June? For tickets and more information, click HERE.

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