Foil Me Feature & Forecast - What's New and What is to Come

Foil Me is the Official and Exclusive Foil Sponsor for Colour Wolrd 2021
We are pleased to announce Foil Me UK as the Official and Exclusive Foil Sponsor for Colour World TV this June.
Create a BUZZ in your salon with our newest collection The Bee and help us make a difference.
Foil Me UK is positively buzzing with excitement to launch our new phenomenal collection that we feel so passionate about, The Bee Collection. Featuring our premium signature embossing, this carefully designed foil was created from a desire to raise awareness...
Welcoming back our rambunctious rainbow Pride foil
Guess who's back, back again?! We know you’ve been patiently waiting for our rapturous rainbow foil to be back in stock, so we’re extremely excited to announce that The Pride collection is now available through our website or your favourite distributor!...